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Welcome to Rishika Services Pvt. Ltd.

Rishika Consultancy is growth promoting sector. We assist prospective clients to develop their business or expand their existing business or industry. We have an excellent team of experts who will guide through your journey. We offer a variety of services to different sectors that includes major corporations, small to medium enterprises, small business, family business, government entities and high net worth individuals.

Our experts are always updated with the current schemes, government happenings and development. Accessible, highly expert teams of professional advisors are the key to our first class client service, providing clearly communicated tailored solutions and practical recommendations to ensure your business grows and succeeds in today’s challenging business environment. Our approach with our clients is our identity. We have established strong and trustworthy relationship with our clients. Our belief says that one must become an integral part of an organisation or an industry or a business to understand their core values which in turn can help us to understand them better.

Certified Company

We have 10 years of rich experience in this field, we act as a consulting firm to help you avail of Government Subsidies.

Passion & Commitment

We are passionate and confident about our work with gain a lots of experience from our clients. We will make sure to always complete the work within the given time commitment.

Honesty & Openness

Honesty is our best policy from the beginning, We always keep confidential information within our team only.

Innovative Strategies

With moving technology we are make sure to keep your and our business updated with latest innovative strategies.

Our team members are focused, result oriented and clear with their communication. We have always adapted to transparent business and consulting policies. Our experts provide you with guidance that will be the best for your venture. Our full range of services are linked together in order to provide seamless solutions and integrated results for all your business and financial needs. This means that we can provide the services you need when you need them. They are purely customized for your venture and not given as per general guidelines. Hence we ensure that your company grows with us steadily in this competitive market. Overall, our solutions are based on practical approach and experience. In a nutshell - our people possess the right attitude, skills and industry experience to turn our extensive knowledge into valuable support and guidance for you and your business.

Our aim is to help you get what you have been paying for. It is very true that you will be lost and end up paying more if not diverted to the right way. To ensure that you get the best results achievable, call an experienced industrial relations professional. Call RISHIKA. Remember, you get what you pay for; and in this arena, you'll pay more if you don't get it right.

Numbers Speak Our Past & Feature

We are thankful to our clients for this beautiful numbers.. We will always make sure to deliver the same in Future...

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