Financial Advisory Services

When you start up a business or may be in the middle of it and if you look for someone who can guide you through your finances, Rishika is right here to do all the needful. At Rishika our aim is to set a financial goal that will help you get rid of unnecessary costs, keep an eye on your expenses and help you in tracking your tax liabilities. We shall provide you with complete advisory services related to loans and working capitals, dealing with foreign credits, loans for real estate or may be a long term investment plan. Our team members are experts and well qualified along with the experience of years that will help you in solving all your financial needs. When you start working with us you will be able to develop faith in us because we shall always be there for you to answer all your queries and financial needs to discuss all the major decisions that will have an influence on your business.

Project Monitoring Services

What comes to your mind when you think of starting a new venture or even if you already have a business, then what is your prime focus? We always think of delivering a quality product or quality services that are time bound and embedded with reliability. It is a little difficult to keep everything in sync, that’s where Rishika becomes your sole assistant. We keep a track of your work and progress, monitor the quality of your process, making site visits and updating daily reports to make your entire working process efficient. Our team of consultants keep a check on any quirky problems and an immediate & effective solution for the same. With project monitoring services we ensure that you are stuck to your budget and there’s no deviation. It also ensures that all the rules and regulations along with safety measures are taken into consideration as per guided by government policies. It is of great help because it is difficult to look after all the tasks all alone, hence our consultants are there to assist you for the tasks.

Asset Management Services

Market is a complex place as of today thus in order to gain proper insight of the situation and market tendency it is important to have a team of management who can truly look upon to you and your needs. It is true that even the investors who have been into this field for years sometimes fail to stay updated with the current strategic situations. Hence Rishika has a team of asset management who will look upon to your all the asset related affairs such as owning a property, renting out offices or corporate buildings, brokerage or industrial projects. Rishika is here to guide or to help those lenders or buyers who would like to get rid of the responsibilities, constant monitoring sites, visiting purchased properties, finance management and other investment policies. With Rishika, you will experience relationships that are business oriented and focused, problem solving and help you in exploring new opportunities along with transparency. We believe in conversation because having conversation knowing what exactly you are looking for then we will be able to know you better and guide you for the same. At Rishika, we are active listeners; hence we take each of your words seriously, analyze it and get you the most appropriate solution.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Rishika provides an array of services that could support CSR at different levels. We believe and it is our aim to maximize return on social investment immaterial of a company being new into CSR or already doing it. Our team members have an insight of social developmental activities that happens in any governmental organisations, NGOs, institutions, health care sectors, charitable trusts or hospitals. Rishika is already indulged into social development sectors; it has the vision to provide their clients with end to end execution support. It has a comprehensively developed approach and objective tools set for monitoring social development programs. Besides this, Rishika also appoints advisors that will constantly keep a check on the development of the activities and find our ways and implement it too, to get more positive outcome. There are many companies who wish to be a part of CSR but due to lack of knowledge and fear of paper works, they stay behind. Rishika stand right there to show them the way because Rishika has a huge network with many organisations and NGOs with whom a connection of the company can be established. With our advice and guidance, it will be convenient and easy for a company to choose their social partner and help in complying with their social responsibility.